Colbert Holdings' flagship brand, Colbert Real Estate, develops and manages real estate that brings a new definition of luxury to Mauritius.

Architectural excellence requires much more than bricks and cement. It requires innovation, functionality, technological advancement, clear design and precision. These are all the qualities that characterize our projects. From the choice of a prestigious site to the creation of architectural and design elements, including the use of cutting-edge and sustainable construction technologies and the optimization of operational efficiency, our properties are designed to attract ideal investors. They are the ones who have the ability to positively influence the economy of the regions in which they live and they are convinced that our developments exceed global standards. These investors have power internationally, and can gain investor confidence while promoting Mauritius as an attractive investment destination.

With its real estate portfolio including PDS (Property Development Scheme) projects as well as superb secure residences, high-end condominium apartments, premium commercial and office spaces, Colbert Real Estate is among the most dynamic real estate developers and reliable in Mauritius. The company is committed to ensuring that its international-level projects contribute to improving the landscape of Mauritius.

Real estate acquisition

Colbert Real Estate guides you through each step of the process of acquiring your property.


We provide you with sound advice when selecting your property.


We guide you and facilitate the various administrative procedures.


We provide advice to home buyers on home loans and other financial products and facilitate the lending process as a one-stop shop.


We understand your needs and advise you on the customization and layout of your property.


We regularly update you on the construction progress and respond to all your requests until the property is delivered.

Asset management

Colbert Real Estate cares about your property and offers you the following property management services:


Regular maintenance to ensure that your property is always in good condition.


Management of payments of union charges, invoices, telephone and television subscriptions.


Rental management services designed to give you maximum return on investment on your property.


Additional services offered by our holiday team, such as airport pick-up, local excursions and activities or assistance with any queries you may have during your stay.


Additional services provided by our team of consultants: application and renewal of residence and stay permits, tax and legal advice, business creation, assistance in the process of obtaining commercial licenses, in business establishments. education or health, the opening of bank accounts and any other related services related to relocation.


Yes, the Mauritian government actively encourages foreign investment in the real estate sector. In fact, the real estate investment route is the easiest and quickest way to obtain a residence permit for the expat and their family which can eventually lead to Mauritian citizenship.

Foreigners are eligible for a residence permit when acquiring real estate with a minimum purchase price of USD 375,000. The property must be part of an IRS, RES or PDS project. Foreigners are also allowed to purchase property, in a non-PDS project, if it is an apartment complex with a minimum of ground floor + 2 floors. In this case, the minimum purchase price is USD 500,000. All funds for the purchase of this property must be paid from their sources of income or savings abroad.

The investor's spouse, children and parents are also eligible for the residence permit. This residence permit automatically allows the investor to work, start or buy a business, or own other real estate in the country.
A residence permit granted under the IRS, RES or PDS program is valid if the investor retains ownership of the property. When the property is sold, the new owner becomes eligible for all these privileges.

In as little as 2 years, the investor and their family can apply for Mauritian citizenship and as a Mauritian citizen, they can enjoy visa-free access or visa on arrival to approximately 148 countries around the world, making it a very powerful journey. document for the world traveler.
The investor and his family can benefit from the very advantageous tax residency of Mauritius, subject to easy conditions. Investors with worldwide income can pay as little as 3% in income tax, which is one of the lowest in the world. Our international tax consultants in our consulting division will be happy to assist you on these matters.

All ownership rights which are part of the PDS/RES/IRS schemes are FREEHOLD and title may be transferred to any third party or inherited by legal heirs.

IRS, RES and PDS are all different real estate investment program schemes that cater to foreign buyers. All investments made in these designated projects are intended for the purchase of FULL-HOLD land.

Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS) was the first property investment program introduced by the Government of Mauritius in 2002. A few years later the Real Estate Scheme (RES) scheme was launched and in the year 2016, the Property Development Scheme (PDS) was launched .

Compared to the IRS, a few relaxations were offered in RES, which was further liberalized in the PDS scheme.

The sale of VEFA goods is covered by the VEFA. According to article 1601-3 of the Mauritian Civil Code, the VEFA is a contract by which the seller transfers to the buyer the rights over the land including the future construction which is planned on the land. The buyer pays the total sale price in several installments according to a pre-established payment schedule linked to the progress of construction, verified and certified by an approved quantity surveyor and to the satisfaction of the notary.

There are in total more than 150 projects across Mauritius (IRS, RES and PDS combined) allowing more than 2000 families from France, South Africa, Great Britain, Belgium, Madagascar, Germany, China, Italy, Switzerland and other countries to settle in Mauritius. The profile of buyers is mainly as follows:

1. Investors looking for a safe but also profitable investment

2. Business owners with a global income who wish to benefit from simple tax residency of Mauritius

3. Global citizens who secure a second home where they can move to in the future in case of an eventuality in the home country.

4. Global citizens who want to obtain a second passport that will allow them to travel the world with fewer visa restrictions.

5. Digital entrepreneurs, stock traders and retirees

Under the terms of a VEFA contract, all claims relating to clearly visible defects must be submitted to the developer within one month of the delivery date and the developer has the obligation to remedy such defects within the property. Buyers are also protected against property defects by a two-year warranty (Biennial Civil Liability) and a ten-year legal construction warranty on the property (Ten-year Civil Liability) under the Mauritian Civil Code.

In addition to the guarantee provided for by the Mauritian Civil Code and the contractual agreement, buyers also benefit from a completion guarantee (Financial Completion Guarantee, GFA) from a trusted bank or any recognized financial institution. in Mauritius. The GFA is a financial guarantee assuring the buyer that the good will be delivered according to the terms of the contract. In the event of failure by the developer to fulfill its obligations, the bank guarantees delivery of the property.
The buyer also obtains a certificate of conformity from an international quality assurance company like APAVE or SOCOTEC, which certifies the quality of the construction as an additional guarantee for the buyer.

Step 1: The preliminary reservation contract (PRC)

The PRC is the preliminary contract between the buyer and the developer, and it reserves the property in favor of the buyer. Upon signature of the PRC, a deposit representing an initial deposit is payable by the buyer to a notary's escrow account.

Step 2: Letter of Approval from the Economic Development Board (EDB)

The developer will collect from the buyers, their KYC and certain additional documents required by the authorities, to make an application to the Economic Development Council on behalf of the buyer for the acquisition of a property in an IRS, RES or PDS property. The Economic Development Council reviews the application and, if approved, offers a letter of approval that allows the developer and buyer to finalize the sale.

Step 3: The deed of sale (DOS)

Upon receipt of the letter of approval from the EDB, the buyer and seller meet before a notary to sign the deed of sale. At this point, the client becomes the official owner of the property.

The buyer becomes eligible for the residence permit upon obtaining approval from the EDB and signing the deed of sale.

The buyer does not need to travel to Mauritius to complete steps 1 and 2 as detailed above in the answer to question 8. The buyer may choose to come to Mauritius for a brief period of one week to complete step 3. However, with recent legislation, even digital signatures are accepted and the buyer can therefore still execute the deed of sale from their country of origin, in the presence of a notary.

At the end of step 3, the company, via its advice center, will be responsible for requesting and obtaining residence permits for the buyer and their family. This process usually takes a minimum of 2 months and, once it is ready, the buyer and their family can travel to Mauritius to collect their residence permits.

Notarized photocopies of the following documents are required as electronic copies:

  1. Passport
  2. Proof of address
  3. Birth certificate
  4. Certificate of morality
    Marriage certificate (if married)
  5. Family lineage if available

Yes, a Power of Attorney can be appointed by the buyer from his home country to act on his behalf in Mauritius. This Power of Attorney can be an individual or a company, however Colbert Holdings or its group companies cannot be appointed as the Power of Attorney. The Power of Attorney document must be notarized and the documents must be sent to Colbert Holdings through courier.

However, for applying for the Resident Permit, the buyer must visit Mauritius with all the original documents as listed in answer to question 11 above. The buyer can represent his/her children, below the age of 18, whose application for the resident permits can be submitted by the parents.

No real estate agency fees are payable. Registration fees of 5% and notary fees of 1.5% of the sale value are the responsibility of the buyer at the time of signing the deed of sale. There are no other fees to pay.

There is no wealth tax or inheritance tax in Mauritius.

Our projects are located in and around Grand Baie, in the northern part of the island, approximately 68 km from the airport. Driving time to various locations is as follows:

  • 5 minutes from French and international schools
  • 5 minutes from Super U and less than 10 minutes from GBLC (La Croisette) and the proposed Beau Plan shopping centers
  • Less than 10 minutes from the commercial areas of Grand Baie to access private hospitals, banks and international money changers
  • 10 minutes from some of the most beautiful beaches in the northern region: La Cuvette, Péreybère, Bain Boeuf, Cap Malheureux, Trou Aux Biches, etc.
  • 20 minutes from Port Louis, the capital of the country, about 40 minutes from Ebène (Cyber city)

Real estate portfolio

ELANZA Colbert Holding project real estate investment Mauritius

Elanza is the name of this magnificent project of luxury R+3 apartments in Grand-Baie/Pereybère, whose singularity lies mainly in its beautiful, bright apartments all with a large terrace, 2 large penthouses with dressing rooms offering a view exceptional sea, as well as a large rooftop with swimming pool, offering a 360° panorama without being overlooked!

Price per Apartment: from 250,000 to
450 000€
Type of project: R+3
Current status: Sale off plan | +70% already sold
Expected delivery date: 2024
SAVANNAH project by Colbert Holding real estate investment Mauritius
Savannah Village offers you an exclusive tropical living experience in Grand Baie, the island's most popular tourist destination. Refined and timeless, the limited series of eight villas is made up of first-class materials and finishes, meticulously selected for the greatest comfort of the most discerning buyers. What's more, the villas are located just minutes from crystal clear lagoons and superb northern beaches, as well as all the infrastructure and amenities one could wish for.
Price per villa: from Rs 11 million
Type of project: Exclusively reserved for the Mauritian market
Current status: Construction to plan. Sold at 100%. Construction in progress
Expected delivery date: March 2024
Kamirra Villas project by Colbert Holding real estate investment Mauritius
Kamirra Villas is a superb luxury project that offers villa owners an ultra-modern version of what opulence is. Enjoying a strategic location in Mont Mascal, a few minutes drive from Grand Baie, the villas are located not far from the liveliest cosmopolitan seaside resort in Mauritius, with all facilities within easy reach.
Price per villa: 750,000 Euros | $895,000
Type of project: RES (Residence permit)
Current status: Construction in progress
Expected delivery date: 2024
Domaine la Salette project by Colbert Holding real estate investment Mauritius
Domaine de La Salette is a carefully designed secure residence project, offering the security, elegance and amenities of a luxury residential project at very affordable prices for Mauritian families. It is located just 400 meters from the La Salette road and just 2 minutes drive from all the amenities of the North, including shopping and leisure centers, restaurants and supermarkets as well as schools and clinics.
Price per Villa:
2 bedroom villa – Rs 8.75 million
3 bedroom villa – Rs 10.5 million
Project type: Secure residence (Mauritian citizenship required)
Current status: Awaiting regulatory approvals
Expected delivery date: June 2023
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