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If you aspire to work or live in Mauritius, you have the chance to make your dream come true. At Colbert Consulting we know that obtaining a residence, residence and work permit or a second passport can be the best investment you can make, whether for easy mobility, personal security or tax exemptions. We provide sound advice and strategic guidance throughout the relocation process, from the earliest stages, helping you make the smartest decisions to ensure you achieve your goals.
Our professionalism and adaptability guarantee our ability to perform in all situations and by assisting you, many procedures can be carried out without your physical presence in Mauritius.
Consulting by Colbert Holding real estate investment Mauritius

Residence permit for retirees from 1,100 EUR / 1,325 USD

From the age of 50, you can consider retiring with the excellent living conditions that Mauritius offers, surrounded by sun, sea and sand.

A non-citizen must make an initial transfer of at least 1,500 USD or its equivalent in another foreign currency to their bank account in Mauritius.

We will take care of all administrative work and appointment making. The retirement residence permit is valid for a period of ten years and can be renewed for an additional ten years. During the ten years of validity of the permit, the person must transfer a minimum of 1,500 USD on a monthly basis or a total of at least 18,000 USD on an annual basis, or the equivalent of the two amounts indicated in convertible foreign currency.

At the end of each year, proof of fund transfers to the Mauritian bank account must be submitted to the Economic Development Board (EDB).

Right of retired non-citizens to invest
The holder of a residence permit as a retiree can invest in any company provided that he/she is not employed by the company, does not manage it and does not receive any salary or benefits. benefits in kind.

Important: The retired non-citizen must also provide information on other residences he/she may hold in other jurisdictions, including tax residences. This information will be communicated to the Mauritian tax office, in order to comply with the Common Reporting Standard (CRS), adopted by Mauritius.

Investor occupation permit from 1,500 EUR / 1,800 USD

The holder of an investor occupation permit benefits from all the tax advantages of Mauritius. According to the Immigration Act, an investor is the shareholder and director of a company incorporated in Mauritius under the Companies Act, 2001.

The investor occupation permit is valid for a period of ten years and can be renewed for an additional ten years. There are 2 options for applying for an investor permit:

Option 1:
By making an initial transfer of 50,000 USD or its equivalent in a convertible currency to the company's bank account, through which the request will be made.
Option 2:
If the investor's company, existing or inherited, has movable or real estate of at least 50,000 USD or its equivalent in any other currency or also if it has a cumulative turnover of at least 12,000,000 MUR at during the three years preceding the request.

To be able to renew an investor permit, the company must generate a minimum gross income of MUR 4,000,000 annually or a total of MUR 12,000,000 or the equivalent in a convertible currency, after its third year of activity.

Professional occupation permit from 1,200 EUR / 1,450 USD

Any non-citizen can apply for a professional occupation permit if they have a prior agreement with a company registered in Mauritius, for employment in a sector eligible by the Economic Development Board of Mauritius (EDB).

The permit holder, as well as his family, will benefit from the low income tax rate for residents of Mauritius.

A professional, as defined by the Immigration Act, is an expatriate who is permanently employed in Mauritius, through an employment contract and must receive a monthly gross salary of at least MUR 60,000.

In certain sectors, such as technology, information technology and communications (ICT), business process outsourcing (BPO), pharmaceuticals and the food and beverage sector, the monthly gross salary can be at least 30,000 MUR.

The professional occupation permit is valid for a period of 3 years and renewable for an additional 3 years provided that the permit holder makes their annual income declaration, which shows the requested figures and respecting the other criteria put in place by the Economic Development Board Mauritius (EDB).

An application for a short-term work permit for a period not exceeding nine months can also be obtained by the professional. However, this work permit can only be extended once, for a period not exceeding three months.

Right of a professional to invest
A person holding a professional occupation permit can invest in a business provided that he or she is not employed by the business, does not manage it, and does not receive any salary or other benefits in kind from it.

The work permit holder can also hold shares in a company where he is employed, provided that the latter is not a major shareholder of the company.

Young Professional Occupation Permit-YPOP from 750 EUR / 900 USD
As provided in Section 13 of the Mauritius Economic Development Board Act, 2017 and Section 9A of the Immigration Act, 1970, foreign students who have obtained at least an undergraduate degree from an institution of higher education in Mauritius can apply for a YPOP. Depending on the duration of the employment contract, this permit is valid for a maximum period of three years.

Self-employment permit from 1,500 EUR / 1,800 USD

The self-employment permit is granted to a person who operates a sole trader and works exclusively independently. The permit holder will benefit from all the advantages for doing business in Mauritius.
A self-employed person is a non-citizen carrying out a professional activity in the service sector only, recognized by the authorities and the latter must be registered with the Companies Registry, under the Law on Registration of Companies and Individuals. The self-employed worker is required to declare his annual income via a tax return to the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA).

The aspiring self-employed person is required to make an initial transfer of minimum USD 35,000 or its equivalent in a convertible foreign currency to their local bank account in Mauritius.

The self-employment permit is valid for ten years and to be eligible for renewal for an additional ten years, the activity must generate an annual income of at least MUR 800,000 from the third year of operation.

Permanent Residence Permit (PRP)
Permanent Residence Permit (PRP) from 700 EUR / 850 USD

The holder of a work or residence permit has the right to apply for a 20-year residence permit.

  • An investor who has held a work permit for at least three years can apply for the PRP provided that their business meets the following criteria:
    •  » Annual gross income of at least 15,000,000 MU
    •  » Total turnover of MUR 45,000,000 for any consecutive period of three years.
  • A professional who has held a work permit for at least three years and who has received a gross monthly salary of at least MUR 150,000 during these three years can apply for the PRP.
  • A self-employed worker who has held a work permit for at least three years and who has generated an annual income of at least MUR 3,000,000 during these three years can apply for the PRP.
  • A retired non-citizen who has held a retired residence permit for at least three years and who has transferred at least 54,000 USD or its equivalent in a freely convertible foreign currency during these three years, can apply for the PRP.
  • An investor who has invested at least 375,000 USD or the equivalent in another currency, in an eligible commercial activity*, can also apply for the 20-year permanent residence permit.

* The eligible sectors are:

  • Agri-food and industry
  • Audiovisual, cinema and communication
  • Banking and financial services
  • Construction
  • Education
  • Energy, ecological and green products
  • Fishing and marine resources
  • Freeport
  • Computer science
  • Public infrastructure
  • Insurance
  • Hobbies
  • Manufacturing sector
  • Public donations
  • Marina development
  • Tourism
  • Storage


Residence permit when acquiring property
Integrated Resource Scheme (IRS) and Real Estate Scheme (RES)
By investing a minimum of 375,000 USD in the purchase of a high-end residential villa, as a non-citizen, the buyer automatically obtains residency and this is also the case for his family and parents. This can be done through one of our property schemes either; IRS, RES or PDS.

As a landlord, you can rent out your property, become a tax resident in Mauritius and have absolutely no restrictions on the repatriation of funds or income from the sale or rental of the property.

Property Development Scheme (PDS)
PDS is the new system that replaced the IRS and RES. This program allows non-citizens, citizens and even members of the Mauritian diaspora to purchase property. The latter will be recognized as returning residents and will be able to benefit from the various existing advantages, within the framework of the Mauritian diaspora program –
Under the PDS program, after investing at least USD 375,000 (or its equivalent in a foreign currency), a non-citizen of Mauritius becomes eligible for a residence permit, valid for 20 years, renewable or for as long as the buyer holds the property.

Smart City Scheme (SCS)
The SCS is built around the concept of “work, live and play”. This plan includes mixed-use developments which include several cities, large towns and other urban areas which, through population growth and physical expansion, have merged to form an urban or industrial area. In most cases, a polycentric urbanized area, in which transportation has developed, connects areas to create a single urban labor market or work zone.

This type of project offers residents a better quality of life, whatever their personal, social and financial category. It also offers durable and fast daily solutions and has long-term benefits.

This program offers non-citizens the opportunity to own residential properties in terms of villas, houses, townhouses, apartments and duplexes. The Smart City can be described as an all-in-one project or a self-sufficient city.

Ground Floor Apartments+2
Non-citizens have the right to buy apartments in buildings of at least 2 floors excluding the ground floor (R+2), in regions with residential development. Prior approval from the Economic Development Board (EDB) is required for the non-citizen to purchase an apartment and the purchase price of the apartment must be minimum Rs 6 million or equivalent in any other currency foreign.

Provided the above criteria are met and the purchase price exceeds USD 375,000 or its equivalent in any convertible currency, a non-citizen may apply a long-stay visa (Long-Stay Visa) for R+2 or SCS programs. This would allow non-citizens and their dependents to stay for a consecutive period of twenty years. Long-stay visa is valid as long as the non-citizen owns the apartment. Long-stay visa will be renewable after twenty years of validity if the buyer is still the owner at the time of renewal.

Dependents of a work/residence permit holder (300 EUR / 350 USD per dependent)

Persons holding an occupation or residence permit can apply for a residence permit for one or more dependents and the permit will be valid for the same period as the main holder's permit.

Dependents are defined as the spouse of the work or residence permit holder (including the civil partnership or cohabiting spouse), parents and children (including stepchildren or legally adopted children under 24 years).

Note: The application for a dependent residence permit cannot be submitted online. The application for a dependent permit must be made after obtaining the Occupation Permit (OP) by the primary holder, at the Passport and Immigration Office (PIO).

Visa Premium from 700 EUR / 850 USD

The premium travel visa is valid and renewable for a period of one year and gives the opportunity to a tourist, retiree or professional and their families, to settle in Mauritius and be able to work remotely without limitations or restrictions. Nothing beats the privilege of enjoying the magnificent tropical lifestyle of Mauritius in these surprising times due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If someone is interested in obtaining a Premium Visa, they must produce proof of their long-stay plans and travel and health insurance documents for the initial period of stay while meeting the following criteria:

  • the candidate cannot enter the Mauritian labor market
    o its establishment and its source of income and profits must be located outside Mauritius
  • the applicant must provide sufficient proof of funds, supporting the request for accommodation and including the purpose of the visit
  • the applicant must also provide the return ticket and other basic immigration requirements


Our team can help you organize your trip and stay in Mauritius, including the selection of your quarantine hotel and subsequently your holiday hotel or luxury villa.

Prices on request

We support the following additional services:

  1. Buying a property
  2. Buying or renting a car
  3. Buying a boat
  4. Acquire a business
  5. Legal and Legal Notice
  6. Admission to school and university
  7. Pet Relocation
  8. Relocation of personal effects


Colbert Consulting takes care of all the administrative procedures necessary for the creation of your business in Mauritius.

Setting up a business and starting a business activity in Mauritius is a simple and straightforward process.

Colbert Consulting takes care of all administrative procedures relating to the creation and start-up of a business in Mauritius and you can start operating quickly in a favorable environment promoting investment and growth.

Shares in a domestic company in Mauritius can be held at 100% by a non-resident, without minimum capital, if the majority shareholder resides in Mauritius and if the company has a resident director. If you are an individual wishing to start a business as a self-employed person, you must register your business activity and proceed with the necessary applications to be recognized as a self-employed worker.

The structure of each business varies depending on its category, nature and type. It is therefore important to understand the structures of different companies so that you can choose the one that best suits your business.

Our recommendation: ask one of our experts for advice on the process of creating and starting a business, they will guide you through each stage of your project or installation and will even make a diagnosis of possible future difficulties, the where applicable, on the establishment of the structure.

Colbert Consulting and its partners take care of all administrative and accounting procedures for the creation of your offshore company in Mauritius. We work closely with our partners to give you the best result for your satisfaction.

Our partners hold a “Management License” from the FSC (Financial Services Commission), allowing us to offer a wide range of professional services, including tax planning, business formation, company secretarial, debt structuring and provision of a regional headquarters for individuals and businesses.

Mauritius can be the headquarters of your company or group. So, you will need one or more desks depending on your specific needs.

At Colbert Holdings, our experts are responsible for finding the best office location for your business based on your needs, location, budget, number of employees, etc. In Mauritius, you can rent unfurnished office space or rent premises through the co-working office model, build your own premises or work from home. Business parks, industrial parks with modern facilities offering catering services and coffee corners, have been built in various parts of the island to serve customers in the best possible way.

We can help you open your business and personal bank accounts without having to deal with administrative issues or a delay in the process from the bank. We can also manage your bank accounts, including, but not limited to, processing salary payments, payments to your suppliers or monitoring collections and your receivables.

Some benefits of local bank accounts include:
– Multi-currency accounts
– E-banking
– High level of confidentiality
– Transactions possible 24/7 via services like Internet Banking, Juice (mobile banking software), international debit and credit cards
– No minimum account balance required

At Colbert Holdings, we provide our clients with the head office address with all necessary licenses and office support, such as telephone call support, secretarial services and postage.
We also have a dedicated office space reserved for plug-in offices (co-working); that is, our clients can make reservations at least two days in advance and we provide them with the necessary office space.

As explained in the “creation of your company or business creation” section, we always advise the client to register their intellectual property; in terms of brands, logos or representations. This gives the customer the copyright and prevents any other person or company from using the same brand or logo.

Our advisors have the knowledge and experience to handle registration and management, including renewal.

The business license is a legal document bearing the business activity (classified trade), business address and business registration number (BRN). Classified Trade means a business specified in the Twelfth Schedule to the 2011 Act. The registered trader must then visit the relevant local authority for payment of trade tax as per the Classified Trade. The business license is displayed on the company's Business Registration Card (BRC), which is available upon incorporation of any company, from the Registrar of Companies (ROC).

Consulting by Colbert Holding real estate investment Mauritius


Price on request and according to each situation

Taxes in Mauritius have been simplified to a single rate of 15%, with no cap, known as the flat rate tax. Therefore, you will never have to pay more than 15% in terms of direct corporate or individual taxes. Value added tax (VAT) is also capped at 15%.

The Republic of Mauritius has signed Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAA), with several countries and jurisdictions. If the resident person or company transfers locally earned income to one of the jurisdictions below, only the higher tax rate must be paid and not the sum of the two countries' tax rates. This means that any individual, resident company or income received cannot be subject to tax more than once in any of the jurisdictions defined below;

Treaties with the following jurisdictions already ratified (46 to date):
Australia, Barbados, Belgium, Botswana, Cape Verde, Congo, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Germany, Ghana, Guernsey, India, Italy, Jersey, Kuwait, Lesotho, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Malaysia, Malta, Monaco, Mozambique, Namibia South Africa, Nepal, Oman, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Republic of China, Rwanda, Senegal, Seychelles, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Qatar, Swaziland, Sweden, Thailand, Tunisia, Uganda, United Arab Emirates (UAE), United Kingdom , Zambia, Zimbabwe.

Treaties with the following jurisdictions awaiting ratification (7 to date):
Estonia, Gabon, Comoros, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria and Russia.

Treaties with the following jurisdictions awaiting signature (5 to date):
Ivory Coast, Gibraltar, Malawi, Gambia and Republic of Angola.

Treaties with the following jurisdictions currently under negotiation (21 to date):
Algeria, Burkina Faso, Canada, Czech Republic, Greece, Hong Kong, Lesotho (new agreement), Montenegro, North Sudan, Portugal, Republic of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Senegal (new agreement), Spain, Saint Kitts and -Nevis, Tanzania, Vietnam, Yemen, Zambia (new agreement), Mali and Republic of Turkey (new agreement).

To benefit from the tax advantages of Mauritius, you must be a tax resident. There are two ways to achieve this; The first is to obtain Mauritian nationality and the second is to have a residence permit (Residence Permit – RP).

Some of the advantages of the Mauritian tax regime:

  1. A flat tax rate of 15%
  2. No taxes on dividends up to MUR 3,500,000
  3. No capital gains tax
  4. No wealth tax
  5. No inheritance tax if the heirs are tax residents in Mauritius
  6. Total tax exemption on total imports for import-export activities
  7. Double Taxation Agreement
  8. No local tax or property tax
  9. Tax deductions / increase in tax resident threshold for all dependents

Price on request and according to each case

The exit tax system provides for the taxation of certain capital gains on unrealized or tax-deferred securities, when the taxpayer transfers his tax domicile abroad. The taxable event occurs on the day preceding the day from which the taxpayer ceases to be subject in his resident country to a tax obligation on all of his income.

All corporate rights and securities subject to the individual capital gains regime are taxed under the exit tax (certain securities are expressly exempt by law: securities held in a PEA, SICAV shares, FCP shares or SPPICAV shares).

The amount of the taxable capital gain is equal to the difference between the value of the securities upon transfer of domicile outside the resident country and their acquisition price. The progressive scale of income tax is applied as well as the allowances for holding period (50% if the securities are held between 2 and 8 years, 65% if they are held for more than 8 years or the Flat Tax of 30% if it's more advantageous).

The Exit Tax concerns people whose movable assets exceed 800,000 euros.
Participations representing at least 50% of a company's social profits are also concerned, even if the threshold of 800,000 euros is not reached. The taxpayer may benefit from a suspension of payment upon express request, in order not to immediately pay the exit tax.

This suspension ends in the event of transfer of the securities.
He can also obtain relief (or restitution in the event of no suspension of payment), if he keeps the securities for 15 years. It is important to emphasize that the new system provides for a reduction in the period at the end of which the taxpayer will be able to obtain relief from the exit tax with suspended payment (except transfer, repurchase-cancellation of securities or liquidation of the company involved in interval).

This period is extended from 15 years to 5 or 2 years depending on the case:

  • 2 years for taxpayers whose value of securities within the scope of the exit tax is less than 2,570,000 euros;
  • 5 years for those whose value is greater than 2,570,000 euros.


This system now targets securities of predominantly real estate companies subject to corporate tax on the day of the transfer of the taxpayer's tax domicile. This extension aims to limit the cases of double exemption that may exist in the presence of companies with a preponderance of real estate which, subsequent to the transfer of tax residence, would fall outside the scope of application of the provisions of article 244 bis A of the CGI.

From 250 EUR / 300 USD per month.

As tax professionals, we have a competitive advantage that allows us to properly structure our clients' balance sheets, from A to Z. Taxation is proactively planned to be optimal and fully compliant with international standards, such as IFRS. At Colbert Consulting, we always maintain the highest levels of integrity, ethics and professionalism, to help our clients cultivate long-term success.

Monthly and annual accounting
1. Corporate tax returns
2. VAT registration and declarations
3. Monthly and annual declarations of TDS (tax deduction at source) and individual income taxes (PAYE – jPay As You Earn)
4. Financial statements compliant with IFRS
5. Administrative and secretarial services
6. Payroll Services
7. Personal income tax returns


Business acquisition
Whether you are looking to invest or purchase an existing business, we can help you find the right opportunity and do the necessary valuations and due diligence.

Acquisition of property
As a real estate developer via our real estate branch , we offer several investment options in the real estate sector, through our own exclusive portfolio or with other real estate projects, depending on your needs.

Asset management by deposit and bank security
Colbert Consulting can refer you to partners who will manage your asset portfolio, according to international standards.

Consulting by Colbert Holding real estate investment Mauritius

Back office outsourcing

You can outsource many of your back-office tasks to Colbert Consulting, with complete confidence. One of the main outsourcing tasks can be; accounting, payroll calculation and payment, to help your business reduce its expenses, helping you acquire more office space and reducing the amount of your payroll and the respective contributions and charges.
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