Mauritius, recognized for its breathtaking beauty and exceptional quality of life. The island is also recognized as a tax haven for real estate investors. Thanks to an attractive tax policy and specific incentives, investing in Mauritian real estate is not only tempting but also makes sense from a financial point of view. This article explores in depth the tax advantages of real estate investment in Mauritius, the pearl of the Indian Ocean.

A Favorable Investment Climate

Mauritius has worked hard to position itself as a leading investment destination. A key element of this transformation is the creation of a very favorable tax environment. The country imposes no capital gains tax, offers relatively low corporate and personal tax rates, and has established numerous double-taxation avoidance agreements with other countries. These measures aim to encourage foreign and local investments in various sectors, including real estate.

Exemption from Capital Gains Tax

One of the most significant advantages of property investment in Mauritius is the absence of capital gains tax. This means that investors are not taxed on the profits made from the sale of their property. This feature is particularly attractive to long-term investors looking to maximize their investment returns.

Tax Treatment of Rental Income

Rental income in Mauritius is subject to tax, but at a low fixed rate, which is beneficial for owners. Additionally, investors can deduct property-related expenses, including maintenance, repairs, and mortgage interest, which can significantly reduce the net tax burden on rental income.

No Inheritance Tax

Mauritius does not levy inheritance tax. This facilitates the transfer of real estate assets to heirs without additional costs. This policy is particularly beneficial for investors considering estate and intergenerational planning.

Non-Double Taxation Agreements

Mauritius has signed double taxation agreements with several countries. These agreements aim to prevent investors from being taxed twice on the same income: in the country where the income is generated and in their country of tax residence. For foreign investors, this can represent substantial tax savings and a reduction in administrative complexity.

Special Scheme for Foreign Retirees

Mauritius offers a special tax regime for foreign retirees. This includes a low flat tax rate on worldwide income and the ability to obtain permanent resident status. These incentives are designed to attract wealthy retirees looking to enjoy high-quality living on the island.

Business Incorporation and Taxation 

Investing through a legal entity may offer additional tax benefits. Mauritius has an attractive corporate tax rate, and real estate companies benefit from various tax deductions and credits. Additionally, there are special business structures, like holding companies, that provide increased privacy and optimized tax planning.

VAT and Registration Fee Considerations 

Although Mauritius offers many tax benefits, investors should also consider the VAT and registration fees. These fees are generally low and competitive by international standards. However, they must be taken into account when calculating investment costs.


The tax advantages of real estate investment in Mauritius are undeniable. From capital gains tax exemption to a favorable tax environment for retirees, the island offers unique opportunities to maximize investment returns. Investing in Mauritius means choosing a financially judicious strategy in an idyllic place to live.

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