Since 2012, Colbert Holdings has enabled countless relocations, investment and leisure projects, channeling an investment of over $100 million into Mauritius. We are proud to say that we have an impeccable track record to date, with a success rate of 100% for all permit applications.

Colbert Holdings was created to support foreigners who wish to live in Mauritius by making commercial or real estate investments. Through innovative strategic thinking, we pushed our limits and took on a major challenge: understanding the complexity of our environment in order to integrate it into our business model.

This is what allowed Colbert Holdings to create a network of experts from around the world. They have partnered with us and we are working closely to attract investment in our existing and future projects.

With strong results and exponential growth in our current portfolio, we are well positioned to take Colbert Holdings to the next level and redefine the future.


Delivering excellence to every one of our clients and gaining worldwide recognition

We want to be recognized throughout the world as the only company offering exclusive and comprehensive solutions for business, investment, property and leisure in Mauritius.


Promote our clients and preserve their interests and investments

Our mission is to create wealth and value for our clients through innovative and sustainable turnkey solutions.


Apply our fundamental principles in all our actions and decisions

We want to achieve our vision and mission with impeccable integrity, fair leadership, unfailing commitment and total transparency for exceptional quality service.


At Colbert Holdings, we have strong leadership and a rigorous corporate governance framework. This approach allows for great efficiency in the management of our relationships and ensures the overall success of our companies.

Our team has around fifty employees with the experience and expertise to keep all systems up to date, with an infrastructure capable of handling the rapid expansion of the business. This allows the company to progress in the market in order to find a place in Africa while helping it to conquer the rest of the world.


At the head of Colbert Holdings, we find a multilingual team of determined, visionary and innovative pioneers. It is thanks to their tenacity and perseverance that the company has grown exponentially since 2012 and finds itself here today, standing among its peers on the Mauritian skyline.


Very results-oriented, with an impressive background in finance, Sendylen began his career at the internationally renowned auditing firm Ernst & Young. There he gained global exposure in finance, auditing and business consulting. His entrepreneurial aspiration led him to create his first company in 2012 which, thanks to his innovative and futuristic vision, evolved and diversified to become Colbert Holdings. Sendylen places great importance on progress; he constantly analyzes further growth opportunities for the company while focusing on leadership, teamwork and performance excellence.

Sendylen Soobrayen

President and founder
Colbert Holdings

Team member Colbert Holding real estate investment Mauritius

Highly savvy, Gavissen spent many years working at prestigious multinational companies such as Accenture and for the Appavoo Group. With an exceptional professional background in accounting and in-depth knowledge of the various processes relating to international migration and investment services, he was entrusted with the management of Colbert Holdings in 2015. He has an impressive range of skills and strategic business acumen which pushed him to capitalize on emerging business ventures and propelled Colbert Holdings to market leadership in Mauritius. With the ability to consistently exceed expectations, Gavissen optimizes operations at all levels to achieve the best results for each Colbert Holdings client.

Gavissen Veerappapillay


Team member Colbert Holding real estate investment Mauritius

Very competent and phlegmatic, Karthick has a degree in Management. Through his international career of more than 20 years in the real estate development sector, he has successfully managed several residential, commercial, industrial and institutional construction projects, from design to delivery. Karthick has demonstrated the ability to manage business operations that drive growth, increase efficiency and bottom line profits. His strong track record in developing and implementing financial controls and processes has led to improved productivity. He has strong leadership, communication and interpersonal skills, which allows him to establish good relationships with staff members and management.

Karthick Ravindran

Real estate

Olivier Diaz

Wealth management France

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