Since 2012, Colbert Holdings has supported countless relocations, investment projects and leisure requirements channeling an investment of more than USD 100 Million into Mauritius. We pride ourselves on having an impeccable track record of a 100% success rate in all permit applications.

Colbert Holdings was set up to support foreigners who have a strong will to emigrate to Mauritius through commercial or real estate investments. With innovative strategic thinking, we have pushed our limits and taken the challenge of embracing the complexity of what shapes our environment to integrate it into our business model.

This has enabled Colbert Holdings to attract a network of experts from around the globe to partner and collaborate with us as well as enthusiastic investments into our existing and future projects.

With our stellar track record and the rampant growth of our current portfolio, we are robustly positioned to take Colbert Holdings to the next level and redefining the future.


Delivering excellence to every one of our clients and gaining worldwide recognition

To be globally renowned as the unique end-to-end solutions company offering exclusive top-class business, investment, property and leisure solutions in Mauritius.


Empowering our clients and safeguarding their interest and investment

To create wealth and value for our stakeholders through innovative and sustainable turnkey solutions.


Applying our core principles in all our actions and decisions

To reach our vision and realize our mission through impeccable integrity, fair-minded leadership, relentless commitment and total transparency for an exceptional quality service.


At Colbert Holdings, we have strong leadership and robust corporate governance. Our approach enables high efficiency in operating and driving our relationships and ensuring the overall success of our businesses.

Our team includes more than 50 employees who have the experience and expertise to keep all systems up to date with an infrastructure that can handle the company's rapid expansion. This allows the company to make huge strides in the marketplace, and in doing so, leave our footprints in Africa while helping us conquer the rest of the world.


At the helm of Colbert Holdings is a multilingual team of resolute trailblazers, visionaries, and ground breakers. Through their tenacity and zealous perseverance, the business has grown exponentially from 2012 to where it is today, standing tall among its peers against the Mauritian skyline.

CEO Colbert Holding real estate investment Mauritius

Result-oriented with an impressive track record in finance, Sendylen started his career at the internationally renowned auditing firm Ernst & Young where he gained global exposure in finance, auditing and business consulting. His entrepreneurial aspiration led him to create his first venture in 2012 which, thanks to his innovative and futuristic vision, evolved and diversified into Colbert Holdings. Sendylen constantly focuses on improving and contemplating further business growth opportunities while keeping his focus on leadership, teamwork, and performance excellence at all times.

Sendylen Soobrayen

Chairman & Founder
Colbert Holdings

Team member Colbert Holding real estate investment Mauritius

An astute individual, Gavissen has spent several years working in prestigious multi-national companies such as Accenture and the Appavoo Group. Thanks to his outstanding professional accounting background and intricate knowledge of various processes concerning international migration and investment services, he was entrusted with the directorship of Colbert Holdings in 2015. He has an impressive range of skills and strategic business acumen that drove him to capitalize on emerging business ventures and propel Colbert Holdings to become the market leader in Mauritius. With a proven ability to exceed expectations, Gavissen optimizes operations at every level in order to achieve the best results for every Colbert Holdings' clients.

Gavissen Veerappapillay


Team member Colbert Holding real estate investment Mauritius

Extremely accomplished and an ardent unwavering individual, Karthick is a postgraduate in Management with more than 20 years of experience in the property development industry across the globe. He has successfully managed, from concept to completion, several residential, commercial, industrial and institutional construction projects. Karthick has demonstrated the ability to streamline business operations that drive growth, increase efficiency and bottom-line profits. His strong credentials in developing and implementing financial controls and processes have boosted productivity enhancements. He possesses solid leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills to establish rapport with all levels of staff and management.

Karthick Ravindran

Real Estate

Jean Pierre Lazzaro Colbert Holding real estate investment Mauritius

The Canopée Group, located in Lyon, is chaired by Jean-Pierre Lazaro. With more than 30 years of experience, the group is composed of Canopée Consulting, the accounting and consulting branch of the group, Canopia Gestion Privée, dedicated to wealth management engineering, and Canopée Global Conseil, an independent expert in business valuation. The association between Colbert Holdings and the Canopée Group has created a formidable platform, which explains their pole position in the Mauritian real estate investment market!

Jean-Pierre Lazaro



Team member Colbert Holding real estate investment Mauritius

After completing his business and management studies at ESIG France, he was recruited as a Regional Manager by a leading European group in the construction of second-hand materials. He served as a Regional Director for 17 years, then as a Sales Director, and finally as Deputy General Manager. He also acted as a lobbyist for the group at the European level for the development of new concepts, and later worked as an independent European consultant for 10 years. In 2020, he moved with his family to Mauritius and joined the Colbert Holdings group, bringing his expertise, experience, and knowledge of European business markets.

Regis Velay

Executive Director


The first entity of Colbert Holdings, a management consulting company, was founded to service foreign clients wanting to invest, start or buy businesses, migrate or buy properties in Mauritius.


Colbert Holidays was created with the aim of offering an exceptional service to the inbound tourists.


Colbert Real Estate was established to bring outstanding residential and commercial spaces to discerning buyers. With its fast-growing portfolio of Property Development Scheme (PDS) projects, superb gated residences, high-class apartment condominiums, prime retail and office spaces, the company is undoubtedly marching towards a leadership position in the property development market of Mauritius.


Colbert Holdings acquired a 50% stake in Bliss Holidays, one of the leading tour operators for the European market in Mauritius, handling more than 20,000 tourists per year.


Colbert Club has been started with the aim of creating a portfolio of leisure assets that will be accessible on a preferential basis to the customers and stakeholders of the various business units of Colbert Holdings. We will be acquiring lifestyle assets such as a beach club, premium bar and restaurant, premium coffee shop, premium business center, yacht and speed boat, a boutique hotel, a secure night club, sports lounge cum bar, among others.

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