Transform your dormant capital into lucrative opportunities in Mauritius with Colbert Mauritius

Why choose Mauritius for your real estate investment?

Colbert Holdings, your preferred partner for real estate investment in Mauritius, offers you unrivaled expertise and personalized solutions. Whether you are Mauritian or foreign, our mission is to support you in the acquisition of exceptional properties, advise you on a wise investment or guide you in the Mauritian art of living. Are you dreaming of a peaceful retreat in the tropics or a residence in an idyllic setting? At Colbert Holdings, we transform your aspiration into a tangible reality, with a constant commitment to the quality and profitability of your investment.


Tailor-made solutions for a successful investment in Mauritius


Invest in Mauritian real estate with the assurance of optimal profitability. Our expertise covers the entire process, from proposing exceptional properties to post-acquisition management. 


Increase your sources of income with smart and safe investments.

Make your assets grow within a favorable and secure legislative framework.


Mauritius offers tax solutions allowing you to benefit from advantageous taxation and a single tax convention.


Obtain annuities or returns on real estate investments. Our products are designed to generate cash flow through direct resale or through short or long term rental.

Why invest in Mauritius?

Mauritius is among the 10 best global destinations for real estate!

It is a prestigious destination that offers an unforgettable experience on a dream tropical island. The island is known worldwide for its crystal clear turquoise lagoons, white sandy beaches, picturesque mountain landscapes and warm and welcoming multicultural population. Mauritius benefits from a pleasant tropical climate all year round, has impressive exotic flora and fauna, and is one of the Top 3 countries with the purest air quality in the world.

What's more, the island enjoys political, social and economic stability with a democratic political system. To the delight of its inhabitants, there are excellent establishments in terms of education and health as well as numerous shops. There is also well-developed infrastructure for water, electricity, communication and transportation.

Mauritius remains a very popular country for a successful expatriation experience.

1000 Km2


1 M


0.2 M

Tourist arrivals (per year)


Connecting airports

10000 USD

GDP per capita (PPP)


Your Trusted Partner for Real Estate Investment. Why we are the preferred choice for your project in Mauritius »

We have chosen to offer properties for a growing population on the island: expatriates (who rent) and Airbnb. Mauritius aims to welcome 2 million tourists per year and they must be accommodated during their stay.

The assets and projects that we present to our investors have record occupancy rates and are very liquid (easy and quick to resell).

With years of experience in the Mauritian market, our local knowledge allows us to offer you hand-picked investment opportunities, guaranteeing attractive returns and optimal security.

Every investor is unique. This is why we offer a tailor-made service, adapted to your specific needs, to guide you through each stage of your investment project.

We offer investments in the most sought after and demanded areas in Mauritius.  

We rigorously select our properties for their quality and exclusivity. Investing with Colbert Holdings means choosing excellence and the assurance of an exceptional property.

Your peace of mind is our priority. We are committed to building a lasting relationship of trust, ensuring transparency and integrity throughout your investment journey.



What characterizes us at Colbert Holdings is the commitment we make to you. Good governance practices are essential to us, they constitute the pillar on which our business is built. For our investors and partners, we always ensure positive change and sustainable business growth. Our vast experience and our unique approach to relationships allow us to create and maintain strong and lasting bonds.

Our specialists along with the company's expert partners lay solid foundations for our clients' new businesses. We seek excellence in everything we do: we are always very reactive, we seize the different opportunities that present themselves to us and we limit risks. We know that everyone has a unique journey, and Colbert Holdings' goal is to continue to explore uncharted territories to create a live, work and play environment where everyone can thrive and prosper together.

 »Our most valuable asset is undoubtedly our human capital. This is why we always invest in our staff. Our history is a superb legacy that we will proudly leave to our families and to future generations. “ 

Sendylen Soobrayen
Founder & President

Sendylen Soobrayen
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